Having just wrote an article featuring a media streaming service called Orb, I was recently turned on to another media streaming service that I’ve been testing over the weekend.

Libox is a media streaming service that allows you to stream your music, photos, and video from your computer.

It works similiar to Orb in that you download their FREE software and sync whatever media folders you want.


Free Rip

I have a vast collection of music on CD. I remember buying my first CD in about 1989. 20 years later, I have hundreds of cd’s.

For the past couple of years, I have been backing up my cd music collection to FLAC lossless audio which basically copies the music without any discernible loss in quality.

FreeRip is a great cd file ripper that will copy a cd in not only FLAC, but OGG, Wave, WMA, and of course Mp3.

Like I said, I prefer to rip all of my music to FLAC because most of my listening is on my computer and home stereo systems, both of which support the FLAC audio format. If you prefer to listen to your music mostly on, say, an IPOD, you will need your music files in the Mp3 format. I also listen to music on my IPOD and have a mirror of my FLAC files in Mp3.

FreeRip will not only rip music files from a cd but will also convert the files back and forth to and from the various audio formats I mentioned above.

Although I prefer another program for tag editing, FreeRip also has a built in tag editor.

FreeRip is available as a FREE download. The user interface is simple and intuitive which means you can be ripping your cd’s in no time.

The Official Pink Floyd Thread

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I am a huge and devoted Pink Floyd fan. It appears we have several regulars here who are also Floyd fans. I can’t reveal his identity but CrazyWorld of John is a former college roommate of mine and we enjoyed countless hours of college mayhem, shenanigans and of course Pink Floyd.

My introduction to Pink Floyd came in 1980 in the form of their most popular song – Another Brick In The Wall from The Wall album. I don’t remember listening to the Floyd again until 1985 when my next door college roommates Charlie and Reece introduced me to Dark Side of The Moon. From there I was hooked. To this day there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t listen to a Floyd album or one of the band members solo albums.

  • My favorite Pink Floyd album is unquestionably Meddle. I have so many different live versions/bootlegs of Meddle I can’t even count them!
  • My favorite Pink Floyd songe is unquestionably The Narrow Way from the Ummagumma album
  • My favorite Pink Floyd band member is unquestionably Sid Barrett (followed closely by David Gilmour).

So please share your Pink Floydisms. After all, this is the official thread.

The Band Is Just Fantastic, That Is Really What I Think.

THE Moment In History

What is the most important day in history in your life time?

Maybe it was 9/11.
Maybe it was the dot com bursting of the bubble.
The Iran hostage situation?
The Astronauts and their trophy wives?
For you geezers, maybe the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Not me. No way, no how. MORE>>

Blow Up The Outside World

Trying a new way to post video.
Relatively new wordpress feature with something other than youtube.
I can’t help it that I REALLY like this song.
And I REALLY like to play it loud.
You should try it.
Thank you for you patience.

FYI – MTVmusic online now has it’s full collection of videos available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Goodbye Richard

Pink Floyd has been my musical influence for the better part of 20 years now. Richard Wright (Born 1943), Pink Floyd self taught keyboardist and singer/writer of many a good Floyd song died today at 65 years old of cancer. Wright recently toured with Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on the “On an Island” tour in 2006.

Wright (shown at far right) was one of the original members of the Floyd including Syd Barrett (second from left at top) (who died in 06), Roger Waters (left top from Wright), and Nick Mason (far left). Gilmour (bottom center) joined the Floyd in 1968 after Syd could no longer function as a band member.

The NY Times has a good short bio on Wright.

One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs was written and sung by Wright – Remember a Day. Another great compilation by Wright is on the album Dark Side Of The Moon – Us and Them.

So goodbye Richard, thank you for some of the best music I have ever heard. You will be missed.