Compelled to post the 80’s

It’s everywhere.  Almost every blog is linking it. Why should I be any different.

It’s the 80’s music vids.


The Day The Music Lived – 1980’s

The 1980’s were my coming of age years. From puberty to my last day of college was all done during the glamorous 80’s.

Looking back, music in the 80’s sucked. I didn’t really like hair bands that much so I started to discover what is now coined indie rock. Back then it was known as “alternative rock”. Make sure to check out the link below to Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam and Oh No it’s Devo. Very cool.

Nevertheless, as a young person, you have to have music! Discovering The Smiths (thankyou gravity force of one) in college was definately a step of the beat I was used to pursuing. I still listen to The Smiths pretty regularly.

In the late 80’s, something new was in the air and music was definitely making a change. Guns and Roses was a breath of fresh air for us riff loving rockers. Welcome to the Jungle in 1988 was the signal for change to come. Slash will go down in history as one of the all time great riff guitarists. The guy is incredible with a guitar and in my humble opinion paved the way for the new generation of music (grunge) that followed in the 90’s.

And now, here is my most listened to tunes in the 1980’s. (I hope I don’t sound like Casey Kasum).