My War On War

As a former politician, I don’t much care for politics anymore. ‘Tis the season for getting flashy vote for this and vote for that and that guy’s a dirty boot.

For those of you who know me, I’m against war that involves killing (or seriously maiming) someone. Yes, I’m against the war in Iraq and am against the war on our unborn children (also known as abortion).

Late last week, I got a flashy mailer from one of the bigger organized terrorist groups in America (Planned Parenthood) trying to incite me to not vote for Gordon Smith because he can somehow put Planned Parenthood out of business by somehow outlawing abortion. I glanced at the flashy piece and put it in the paper pile for fire starting.

Just today, another flashy mailer landed in my mailbox AGAIN from the US terrorist group Planned Parenthood. AGAIN misleading, I can only assume, stupid people. This particular flyer now accuses Senator Smith with getting his way and abortion becomes illegal. Attention terrorist people at Planned Parenthood: Senator Smith is NOT a supreme court judge. I do acknowledge he does have A vote for confirming SCJ but any RATIONAL person knows SCJ’s are not chosen due to their stand on abortion.

The flyer goes on to state the following (If Senator Smith “gets his way”):
1. Twenty One states will immediately move to outlaw abortion.
2. In four states, abortions would be banned instantaneously (whatever that means!)
3. Doctors will be prosecuted and women will be treated like criminals.
4. Abortions won’t stop – they will just become extremely dangerous.

My retort to #1 and #2 – Why isn’t this a state issue? Better yet, why is this a federal issue? Is it such a bad thing to have a state in control of WHAT THEIR PEOPLE WANT???

My retort to #3 – Yes, if abortion was outlawed, meaning, AGAINST THE LAW, then yes, I would agree the people that are breaking the law should be prosecuted.

My retort to #4 – History has shown that when abortion was illegal, there weren’t many of them happening. And for the record, abortions aren’t exactly healthy for the mother whether legal or illegal. Infact, abortion is a dangerous procedure. Not to mention it kills a kid.

Gordon Smith is OK in my book. He opposes war and opposes war on kids.
Good for him.

Re-elect Gordon Smith.


My Brothers in Arms

Why is there so much negativity in the world. You can’t help but read mainstream news and notice the death count in Iraq, Israel killing the Palestinians, vice versa. Child molesters, polygamist camps, tyranny, barbarism, anti protesters, ethnic cleansing, starvation, aids, famine, disease. Civil unrest, health care deficiency, high gas prices, people out of work, foreclosure, global warming, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes.

I want to add my own that you never see in the news. The daily abortion kills. I find it painful mainstream news never forgets to print how many of our military troops die on a daily basis but never even a mention of what we as a nation allow killings to happen every day. For the record, we lost approximately 3700 unborn children in the U.S today.

Like I said, it’s a pretty negative world. If I were making a tag cloud above, I’d be leaving out about 50% of the negative news.

Here is the link to Google News headlines today.

I’d like to wake up some morning and have the news look like this.

Imagine that.