Computer Security

As a faithful reader of Bill Mullins Tech Thoughts, I am constantly reminded about how important it is to be diligent about protecting my computer from the thousands of nefarious nasties that are at every turn on the web and email. Today’s post highlights a few of my favorite security applications. MORE>>


Are You Ready For Conficker?

While many of you can’t bear the thought of a virus infecting your computer, I actually welcome infections now.

You heard me right. I welcome them. Why on earth would someone welcome a computer virus you might ask? Simply put, I’m prepared.

With the help of Bill Mullins over at Tech Thoughts, I have been able to secure my computer using what I consider to be the best anti virus programs available. So when disaster is looming (such as the highly anticipated Conficker Virus), I have made sure to update all of my antivirus software and backup all of my files.

If Conficker day (AKA April Fools Day) turns out to be real, the implications it will have on unprotected computers is nothing short of a disaster! You may already be infected with Conficker and may play host to the creators devices so you might want to scan your computer with Stinger which is a virus scanner that directly targets the Conficker virus. It is constantly updated as new variants are found.

And make sure to pay a visit to Bill’s web security blog. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t be a victim of computer viruses. Protect yourself. A good protection system is multi-layered and mine consists of the following:

Avira Free
Spyware Terminator
Startup Monitor
Asquared HiJack Free

Disable Avira Notifier

I recently downloaded Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus as my primary antivirus program. I had been using version 8.2. Recently my favorite security tech guru – Bill Mullins, advised me that version 9 is now ready for download. I couldn’t immediately find an update to version 8.2 so I used my trusty Revo Uninstaller to uninstall version 8.2 and made a clean install with version 9.

For those of you who don’t use Avira, I’m the poster child, card carrying member for their product. I have tried several antivirus programs and Avira works the best in my opinion.

That being said, Avira has one drawback – A nagging notifier to upgrade to the premium version pops up every time you update the Avira database.

Well, you don’t think g would put up with a popup do ya? Heck no!

To disable this pesky notifier, simply follow these directions:

For XP and Vista Users:
1. Start-> Control Panel
2. Administrative tools-> Local security policy
3. Click on Software Restriction Policy-> Action (at the top)-> create new restriction policies
4. Right-click additional rules (on the right side)-> new path rule
5. Click Browse and navigate to C:\Program Files\(Avira)\AntiVir Desktop\ and double-click avnotify.exe
6. Set the security level to Disallowed-> apply-> ok

If you had Avira previously installed and have already disallowed this, you need to change the thread to match (which for me meant changing Antivir Personal Classic to AntiVir Desktop).

It’s a beautiful thing my friends!

Tooting One’s Horn

You never know where blogging is going to take you.  One of my favorite daily read websites – Bill Mullins Tech Blog, asked me to start providing guest articles on his website!

To say the least, I’m thrilled with this opportunity!

For those who haven’t yet visited Bill’s site, you are risking the security of your computing environment by not doing so. Not only does Bill host a tech site, but also consults for people on securing their computer networks.

We are truly fortunate to have someone like Bill to share his vast knowledge on computer security to regular folks like you and I. The protections he offers are tried and tested and I personally have no less than five security programs loaded on my own machine.

Thanks again Bill for the opportunity and I’m excited to start providing my own take on tech.


A net friend of mine – Bill Mullins, had an article scraped today.  Not only was his article scraped by a scraper (someone who plagerizes someone elses work), but he had the nerve to rub it in Bill’s face.

What happens is the scraper gets a bunch of advertising and tries to profit using other peoples articles. I suspect it happens all over the web. People who do this are turds.

Mr. Mullins is a leading authority on web security and writes daily articles to heighten our awareness on viruses, spyware, malware, and other nefarious computer infections. I have learned much from Bill and I find it unfortunate someone (a turd) would use Bill’s articles as their own.

Here is the website where scraping is occurring. Make sure you pay Mr. Turd a visit and let him know he’s unwanted in the internet world.

Then pay a visit to Bill Mullins website and read his blogs on internet security. I guarantee you will learn something. Bill’s Tech site is a daily stop for me and it should be for you too.

And watch out for turd scrapers.