Are You Organized?

It wasn’t so long ago I had a very cluttered pc desktop. I would leave the center of my screen open and line all of my most used icons around the perimeter of the screen. Then I’d download stuff to the desktop and before you know it, my desktop would be nearly unusable.

I’m one of those who uses the desktop as ground zero. Anything that goes anywhere must first pass via the desktop. It’s how I’ve always done it.


Things You Should Know

I had an excellent day at work today. My boss was at Portland Intl Raceway racing his car today (time trials for tomorrow’s race). One of my co-workers popped in my office and said it was time to go to the races. Huh? COOL!! So we went and watched him race for an hour or so. I’ve never been to a race before and watched some bitchin spin outs and near wrecks. Those guys are fast. It was definitely a great day at work.

I had some catching up to do on some news articles I’ve had rss’d and whoa nellie. There is some important information You Need To Know.

First stop, and this article is a must read for those of you concerned about the security of your computer. Bill is a fellow wordpressonian and has forgotten more about computer security issues than most of us will ever learn. Check it out.

Next, the good people over at inhabitat have a cool article about the future VW. In my quest for super mileage, we have a winner.

I love it when people say we’re going to run out of natural gas soon. Some people would like you to believe it will be in the next 30 years. Rubbish. Go here to get the gas. It seems President Bush is (as usual) planning ahead on how to accommodate the gas. Something about a new canal that will rival the one in Panama was overheard.

A car that will crush my Prius? I’m afraid to drive my Prius over 80 mph. I’m easy to crush. But hey, if you are gonna get crushed, it may as well be by a hybrid supercar. Since this hybrid supercar can also crush a corvette, I don’t feel so bad.

One of my favorite blogger’s, The Guy Who Writes This, has an interesting and very hilarious article on Raccoons. I for one will never look at raccoons the same again.

Lastly, another fellow bloggerette, Auntie L, has a very funny link to an owl video you need to check out. Very bizarre.

Blogging Idiocy

What can I say? I’m dense sometimes and tend to do things the hard way.

Since I’ve been at blogging a total of about a week now, I’ve been writing my posts all wrong. Since I know most of you are probably on a time frame (as I am myself), I choose to write the “gist” of my post on the main page and then have been linking to a page for the “rest of the story” so to speak.

Today I’m sitting at my computer composing another blog and I think to myself, this irritates me to no end to have to link my post to another page. It seems like a tremendous waste of time having to duplicate my post. Not to mention the formatting. I think, obviously this has to irritate other bloggers so why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to split a post so only a portion of the post shows up on the main page.

I start into the wordpress faq. Oh. There it is. There is a way to do it. Infact there is a button to push for stupid people like myself to split the post. I Wondered what that button was for…. MORE>>