Profit Should Be Relative but…

My arch enemy in the war on gas, Exxon’s latest quarterly earnings are a whopping $11.68 Billion or $1500 per second.

This got me thinking.  Some people don’t even make that much in an hour.


Mayday, Mayday!!

Tonights post is going to be short as I don’t have time to be long winded. It’s been a long day where most everything didn’t go quite right.

A couple of worthy news items you may want to know about:

Seems our good friends at Hewlett Packard have been busy solving theory.
According to an article in the NY Times, scientists at HP have discovered a 4th electrical circuit called a memristor. The theory of 4 circuit types has been around for a long time but until now, was just theory. What this means for us laypeople is a faster booting computer.

Also noteworthy is the disappointing revenue reported by Exxon. According to an article in the NY Times, their first quarter profits were ONLY $10.9 billion. I felt their pain today when I filled up my car with gas.

I feel your pain too and the only thing I can offer is a link to download my favorite FREE computer system cleaner – CCleaner

I turn on the cleaner after every computer use. It cleans out the registry, temp files, and has a great program uninstaller (far superior to the standard windows version).

Stay Clean!