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It’s link day kids. I need to share my crazy world sometimes and sometimes it’s just links. So enjoy the links. Kids.

Fumpr – New image hosting website. Very easy to use and they say very World’s fastest photo storage. I tried it and it is fast. In fact, the image on this post is hosted by Fumpr. What a peculiar name.

iPhone – If I didn’t at least mention this word today, I would be shunned. For those of you who live in a cave and your only link to the outside world is this blog, please click on my iPhone link so you won’t be shunned when you venture into the world of the living. [via GIZMODO]

The Daily Green has an interesting story. Who needs acid or hallucinogenic herbivores when you can get your mind altering fix by eating fresh pesticide.

Cracked dot com has the line up on things that are against the law. Did you know excuses are punishable by death in Siberia? Well, maybe not death but excuses are against the law. I know a few subcontractors who should make the trip…

And last but not least, it is now officially, officially, official. Mozilla Firefox 3 has officially received their well earned Guiness book of world record certificate for the most downloads in 24 hours. After all, Firefox IS the safest browser and hopefully you have downloaded it by now.

Peace and be renewable.


World Record Accomplished

Today finally came.  Not without a lot of fanfare and trying moments.  I spent most of the day on the road visiting job sites but couldn’t wait to get back to be part of the group to help break the world guiness book of records for downloading software in a 24 hour period.

Today it happened (and then some). The last count for downloads of Firefox 3 at 8:48 PDT is 3,011,739. This all started at 11:16am this morning and will continue until 11:16am tomorrow. The original goal was to break a million downloads. I’d say they had a pretty HUGE turnout.

And why shouldn’t they. Firefox 3 is one of the safest (if not the safest) web browsers out there. Other than me, no one microsoft tries to shove it down your throat. If you have any misgivings about downloading Firefox, put them aside. I had similar misgivings when I made the move from I.E to Firefox. Since I did it, I haven’t looked back. Firefox is actually fun to use with all of it’s browser add-ons you can install.

World Guiness Record

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 17th and download the latest release of Firefox. You are running the Firefox browser aren’t you? If you aren’t, you should be. Firefox has some spectacular (and very cool I might add) add-ons for you to customize your browsing experience with. If you a googler like I am, the interaction between Firefox and Google is about as cohesive as it gets. The use of system resources is noticeable too. Firefox is a speed demon compared to Internet Explorer.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of history and help break the world downloading record on Tuesday for the official NON beta release of Firefox 3.0.

Have you been involved in breaking a world record before? If so, please comment about your experience. I was involved in breaking a world kazoo playing record back in 1989 at the Evergreen State College in Olympia.

I remember as a kid trying to break the world record for stacking pennies on my elbow and catching them. I didn’t break the record but I did beat The Fonz.

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