Situation is Grave

It’s no secret that port commissioner Floyd Holcom is putting a lot of pressure on port director Jack Crider to come up with a business plan for North Tongue Point.  For those that aren’t aware, this nearly led to Mr. Crider resigning.  Rumor has it that Holcom is still putting on the pressure and Crider is still trying to come up with the plan.

I blogged about the port buying tongue point some time ago and stated it didn’t make good business sense to pursue a lease or buying it without a bird in hand. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but when I was on the commission, with the depth of institutional knowledge previous port director Peter Gearin had with Tongue Point (he tried to put a car import deal together at TP), we studied buying TP in great depth and number crunching. We entertained a few potential clients for TP but none panned out so WE DIDN’T PULL THE TRIGGER.


Anger Incorporated

I’m over a hump today. I’m no longer angry. I’ve had a few people in my crosshairs for the past few years. Planning their downfall, plotting, etc.

I’ve never hated anyone before. I don’t want to hate anyone anymore. I’m done hating as of today. I’ve simply expended too much energy into something that I feel I can never satisfy.

Floyd Holcom, Larry Pfund, Daily Astorian (Yes, I even hated a newspaper). You are all forgiven. To me, you no longer exist and I will never speak of you again.

For those of you with the burden of anger or hate, send it through the exhaust pipe and move on. Life is too short for such a burden.

Welcome to Frickintardistan

I really don’t know where to start this rant. I guess I’ll just keep typing my thoughts and hopefully you readers can sort through it.

I was born and raised in what once was a great place to live known as Astoria Oregon. Yeah, it was a place of greatness. I was involved in the local politics trying to make a difference. Trying to bring industry and wealth to a town that was withering away due to its past ties to the fishing and logging industries. Unfortunately the same nut cases who are trying to sell us global warming had tried to make Astoria a ghost town by making salmon endangered and placing an owl with spots on the “not seen very often” page.

I’m not sure what global warming will send us. Listed salmon sent fishermen elsewhere and the owls with spots drove a nail into millions of acres of perfectly cuttable timber. And Astoria almost ceased to exist.

But we found our way. We worked hard and reinvented ourselves. We diversified. MORE>>

Elect Larry Pfund

I have to thank a reader for sending me tonight’s daily a article regarding the port (I no longer take the paper).

I won’t go into the guts of what led to this fine. It’s fairly complicated and the fine is based on things that I don’t clearly understand. My honest opinion is the port was made an example of. The biggest mistake the port made was hiring a lawyer to defend our position. Big NO-NO. You see, what you are supposed to do is what everyone else in our wonderful state does – hang your head down and say your sorry. You would be amazed at the water quality violations on our majestic Columbia River. They all just seem to go away. No one likes trouble. MORE>>

The Port – I Can’t Contain Myself

I promise not to make this a political blog. I’m clicking my heels together as I say this.

As the title of this blog post sez: I Can’t Contain Myself.

Floyd Holcom (recently appointed port commissioner) has recently made some interesting statements in a recent article from a local newspaper.

Port Commissioner Floyd Holcom, the Port’s treasurer, said as a public agency the Port needs first and foremost to pursue its mission under Oregon law to create jobs and economic development.

“The economy here has got to survive on something other than retirees,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the balance sheet. This is about the long-term vision for our community.”

So Floyd, my question. Are jobs more important than the balance sheet at the port? According to your statement they are. If that is the case, you might take a hard look at GM, Chrysler, and Ford. They all have similar philosophies.

One big difference – The feds aren’t going to bail you out.

So do us taxpayers a favor. Abandon your pursuit of Tongue Point. The price is too high and the port can’t afford it.