Making Work Pay

It’s tax season here in the good ‘ol US of A.

Having been self employed for a few years, I had a cpa do my taxes because there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to figure it all out. Now that I am once again working for the man, my taxes have become very easy to do myself.

So last night I was working on my Oregon tax filing and got the dreaded part of determining what I have to pay. I’m a freak about letting the respective taxing jurisdictions hold on to my money (since they don’t pay interest) and would rather that I be holding their money (which I don’t pay interest on either). That being said, I usually have to pay more taxes on April 15th. I’m fine with that because it’s usually under $1000 so it’s not a psychological money let down.


Google Chrome PDF Viewer

My favorite browser – Google Chrome, had a recent update that produced a new viewer plugin. ¬†Prior to this update, when I would click on a PDF, the very speedy and very useful Foxit Reader plugin would activate. ¬†After the update, Google’s plugin would activate.

My experience with Google’s pdf viewer was not pleasant. It is limited and it takes longer to render the pdf. My biggest complaint is Google’s pdf plugin would not allow me to click on weblinks within the pdf.

Since I had never had to mess with this plugin, I wasn’t sure how to get things back on track again. After a while of searching for the cure, I finally found it:

Up in the right hand corner of the Chrome browser, click on the little wrench icon which is your settings icon.
Click on “options”
Click on the “Under the hood” tab
Click on “Content Settings”
Click on “Disable individual plug-ins”
Disable Chrome PDF Viewer (and make sure your pdf plugin is enabled)

Freeware Update

In my pursuit to rid my machine of the dreaded evil empire, I have recently been trying out some new open source software that is free:

Gom Player – I have used Windows Media Player for many years now and I ran into some roadblocks while trying to play different file formats. Since I was unable to make the codecs work for these particular files, I downloaded Gom Player which will view any type of video file that I have come across.

Foobar 2000 – Since I roundfiled Windows Media Player, I no longer had a good audio player. Foobar 2000 is awesome and doesn’t take near the system resources that WMP took.

Adolix Split and Merge PDF – After several discussions with my favorite tech guru – Bill Mullins, I decided there must be a more secure and system resource friendly PDF software. I landed on a few of them and Adolix is the answer to splitting and merging pdf files.

PDF Creator – PDF Creator is a tool to print to PDF which I certainly do a lot of. It sets up as a printer which for example will print a word document to a PDF file.

Foxit Reader – To top off the complete PDF package, you need to be able to view the PDF. Foxit Reader does just that. If you are used to Adobe Reader, this is the system resource friendly version. Highly Recommend to replace Adobe Reader with this excellent open source freeware.