Are You In Sync?

I personally don’t sync many files. I guess I’m just one of those kinds of people that don’t have the need.

In fact, the only file I sync is my music folder. What can I say. I’m a music nut. I have hundreds of albums on my computer and the thought of a hard disk meltdown causes me nightmares.

Like I said, I’m not really one of those sync types. I am a backup freak. I backup all of my files – One on my local drive, one on my storage drive, and another on my portable backup drive (which is stashed outside of my house).

I do sync my music though. My music folder is always evolving and in permananent transformation. Because of this, I need to make sure all of my music backup folders are all concurrent with my local folder.

Enter FileMyster. FileMyster is a small program that does great things. It can sync one folder/file or many. You can schedule it to sync according to your preferences. Because I’m not a big sync user, I wanted a simple program to perform my syncing needs. FileMyster is free for non commercial use.



August has been a busy month for me. I have about 7 projects going and it seems August decided to gang up on me with the overload factor. I’m still playing catch up but managed to scribble out my favorite FREEWARE links for you all. All of the software I have listed is free to download and contains no viruses, spyware, malware, or any other nefarious infestations. Completely safe in other words. If you decide to download any of the listed software, please let me know what you think. If you know of better software (freeware), let me know! I’m always on the hunt for better.

Coming soon will be my favorite (FREE) cloud computing links.

Ed Parsons – The Cable Guy

I admit, I probably partied more than I studied while in college.  My first semester at Lewis and Clark College in Portland was a real departure from my high school experience.  One of the classes I took as a first term freshman was Introduction to Mass Media.  This particular class was geared toward people who dreamed of being the next Peter Jennings, Bill O’reilly, or Catey Couric. One thing I did learn in this class is that the inventor of cable tv is none other than Ed Parsons. That is Ed Parsons of Astoria, Oregon.

I was 18 when I enrolled in college and thinking back, I am surprised it took me 18 years to learn this and that when I did learn it, it was learned in college in another town. I guess the surprise is why is something that brings television into the homes of millions not common knowledge in the town that it originated from??? Hear that school teachers?

Well, today marks the 59th anniversary since the FCC contacted Mr. Parsons about his cable invention. Now you can tell all your friends that cable tv as we know it originated in good ‘ol Astoria Oregon.

Natural gas cars. A great article here talks about (and debunks a few pollution myths) about natural gas and why it WILL be the fuel of the near future. I know, I know, we’re all gonna die from explosions and those cars will be so ugly driving around.

Firefox is on Fire!! Today they officially have attained 20% market share. Internet Explorer is down to 70% now. Whatya waiting for? You have downloaded the FREE Firefox browser haven’t you?

If you are a busy person, sometimes taking time to enjoy your morning coffee doesn’t fit in with your schedule. So why not enjoy your caffeine fix while taking a shower? Say what??? There is a product available called Shower Shock Soap that promises to give you that boost in the morning.

And finally, from the FREE software side of things is an excellent small download that will easily encrypt files on your computer. It’s called Encryptonclick and it’s available via Bill Mullins website.

Mr. Bond

First of all, an update from yesterday’s lost flying pig. According to CNN news, Roger Water’s flying pig has been found a few miles from where it became untethered. Since then, I have canceled my plane ticket to California to search for it.

In other news, Immodium has launched a website that tracks places to go to the bathroom when you are traveling. I hope you find this information useful.

Today’s blog is about my favorite James Bond movie – MORE>>