Low On Storage Space (Android)

Today I had an issue with my Droid Incredible and was not able to access my gmail messages.  The problem message I kept getting was a HTC process that would not function and as a result, the phone would not autosync.

Exasperating an already bad situation was a “Low on storage space” message that wouldn’t go away. I tried everything and it wouldn’t go away. I searched online for a remedy and did not come across one so easily. The problem was I had plenty of storage space left (using only 214mb and over 500mb free) so I knew something wasn’t quite right.

I finally found the solution and thought I would share it with you in case this happens to you in the future or it happened and you stumbled on this site through an exhaustive search!

1. Goto settings
2. Goto applications
3. Manage applications
4. Check your facebook app, gmail app, twitter app, and whatever apps you use the most of. On each one, push the “clear data” button.

This should free things up and get you syncing again. In my case, my facebook app was the culprit.



Since I made the move to Windows 7, I have made every effort to use open source software. Other than the Win7 operating system and the other programs it comes with as part of the Win7 installation, I am proud to say I don’t use any other Microsoft products.

The two main Microsoft products I am training myself off of are the Windows office suite and Outlook which was used to host my email, calendar and contact management.

At home, I have little use for the Microsoft office suite or Outlook. Most of my home office routine is web based when I need to draft a letter or check my email. Google office, Gmail, Calendar, etc all take care of my minimal home related office tasks.

I still have a POP3 email account through my internet service provider although I have switched all of that email to head toward my Gmail account. I still like to check it on occasion.

Enter a new lightweight Email program called Postbox. Postbox is an email, newsgroup, tasks, and contact manager that has a simple user interface and is the easiest Pop3 email program to set up I have ever used. The program is based on the Mozilla platform (same folks who brought you Firefox). Not only will it check your Pop3 account but will also set up all of your web based email accounts as well. If you like your email via the local desktop rather than the cloud, this program certainly is a strong contender.

If you find yourself without a good trusty local email client, check out Postbox. It is still in beta but so far I haven’t had any issues. It runs on Windows7 x64bit just fine.

Email Misunderstanding

Those that know me, know I’m a diehard Google fanatic. I like useful things and Google just seems to hit on all cylinders.

I use iGoogle for my homepage, Google Chat, Google Notifier, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Video, Google Desktop, and my big favorite – Google Gmail.

I’ve been a faithful user of Gmail since they started it. Even though it is still in “beta”, there is a good reason. It is constantly in development. Always getting better and more usable.

So when you email me from the likes of your Yahoo account, or Hotmail, or other web based email platforms, it makes me wonder what is wrong with you. I just don’t understand you. Why on earth are you using a web based email platform that isn’t Gmail? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not speaking from inexperience with these non Gmail email platforms. At one point in time or the other, I have used them all.

And for your information, none of them even comes close to the form and function of my coveted Gmail.

Gmail makes it so easy to convert. It practically walks you through the process of importing all of your contacts, forwarding your account, etc. So what are you waiting for? Make the move to Gmail and you won’t be disappointed! In fact, you will discover a whole new world of emailing. In a nutshell, Gmail is fun to use.

Gmail is free and with over 7gb of free storage space, there is plenty of space to archive all of your messages.

Take it from me, my life is about form and function and getting the job done. Gmail is a great tool that should be used by everyone.

So head on over to Gmail and take it for a test drive.

Gmail Attachments

It’s the little things that happen over at Gmail that mean a lot.  Today over at the Google OS blog, they reported we now have the technology to upload multiple attachments when sending mail.

This has been an annoyance for me as long as I’ve been using gmail (the last 4 years).

Bravo Gmail! I have no more complaints.