Couldn’t Say It Better Myself

I was all revved up to do a post on Obamacide but was beat to the punch.
What better way to frame a narrative than with your pocketbook.
It’s been hilarious watching the liberals squirm and try to talk their way out of this being anything other than a tax increase.
I hate that cliche – “I Told You So”. But I did. I really did.

Oh, and BTW, Obama is not laughing with you. He’s laughing AT you. Your friends that make over $400k are paying an average extra 1.3%. You my friends are paying an average extra 1.7%. I personally am paying an extra 2.5%. So much for the “rich paying their fair share” eh?

Obama doesn’t discriminate when it comes to taxes.


Middle Class Tax

This is day 2 of 2013 and my first paycheck of the year got deposited. It is 2.5% lighter than it was a week ago thanks in large part to Obama.

I also blame the Senate and House of Representatives for causing the middle class to have to pay more of their paycheck to support a bloated government that thinks special interest pork is more important.

What’s worse is what’s coming for me in July when our health plan is renewed. Our provider said to expect an additional $200/month increase due to Obamacare.

I will absolutely not vote for an incumbent in my State when again given the chance. You blew it.

These guys are first class douchebags and could care less about the American public it represents.


Our legislators are so smart here in Oregon. How smart are they? Well, for starters the previous democrat leadership managed to jack our taxes up so high that businesses and families are moving out of Oregon and re-planting themselves across the river in neighboring Washington.

The liberal leadership were told time and time again that if measure 66 & 67 (measures to tax businesses to the stratosphere and families earning over $250k) passes, these businesses and families would get the hell out of dodge.

And get the hell out they are.
In 2010 alone, approximately 15,000 families beat feet from one of the highest taxed states in the union (Oregon) to the lower priced and affordable Clark County Washington.

Rumor has it the not so top heavy liberals are caving toward repealling measures 66 and 67.

While they are at it, they should consider dropping the 11% income tax rate down a few notches.

Better late than never.

Making Work Pay

It’s tax season here in the good ‘ol US of A.

Having been self employed for a few years, I had a cpa do my taxes because there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to figure it all out. Now that I am once again working for the man, my taxes have become very easy to do myself.

So last night I was working on my Oregon tax filing and got the dreaded part of determining what I have to pay. I’m a freak about letting the respective taxing jurisdictions hold on to my money (since they don’t pay interest) and would rather that I be holding their money (which I don’t pay interest on either). That being said, I usually have to pay more taxes on April 15th. I’m fine with that because it’s usually under $1000 so it’s not a psychological money let down.