Ice, Ice, Baby!

Thank goodness I read Gizmodo every day. They are truly my link to the outside, and I mean OUTSIDE world. According to the scoops at Gizmodo, ice has been found on Mars. I don’t want to steal any of their thunder so make sure to check out the story.

You may be one of those who is not enamored by LNG, but you gotta love CNG. Fill ‘er up! [via INHABITAT]

Also from the fine folks at Inhabitat, I think I finally found my next hybrid dump truck. When biggest is best, this is the king of all hybrids.

It seems the inventor of the internet and self proclaimed save us all from certain global warmth is not exactly practicing what he is preaching. Yep, Al “Internet” Gore’s personal energy consumption is up a whopping 10%. The girth of his carbon footprint is expanding. His lack of focus on the next version of Internet Explorer is not helping Microsoft at all.

That will be it for the next few days. I’m headed to Bend for a little rest and relaxation on a company retreat


Things You Should Know

I had an excellent day at work today. My boss was at Portland Intl Raceway racing his car today (time trials for tomorrow’s race). One of my co-workers popped in my office and said it was time to go to the races. Huh? COOL!! So we went and watched him race for an hour or so. I’ve never been to a race before and watched some bitchin spin outs and near wrecks. Those guys are fast. It was definitely a great day at work.

I had some catching up to do on some news articles I’ve had rss’d and whoa nellie. There is some important information You Need To Know.

First stop, and this article is a must read for those of you concerned about the security of your computer. Bill is a fellow wordpressonian and has forgotten more about computer security issues than most of us will ever learn. Check it out.

Next, the good people over at inhabitat have a cool article about the future VW. In my quest for super mileage, we have a winner.

I love it when people say we’re going to run out of natural gas soon. Some people would like you to believe it will be in the next 30 years. Rubbish. Go here to get the gas. It seems President Bush is (as usual) planning ahead on how to accommodate the gas. Something about a new canal that will rival the one in Panama was overheard.

A car that will crush my Prius? I’m afraid to drive my Prius over 80 mph. I’m easy to crush. But hey, if you are gonna get crushed, it may as well be by a hybrid supercar. Since this hybrid supercar can also crush a corvette, I don’t feel so bad.

One of my favorite blogger’s, The Guy Who Writes This, has an interesting and very hilarious article on Raccoons. I for one will never look at raccoons the same again.

Lastly, another fellow bloggerette, Auntie L, has a very funny link to an owl video you need to check out. Very bizarre.

Make Mine Hybrid

I drive a Prius and I love it. Earlier this week, I found out I’m riding around in a chick magnet. With fuel prices going up and up and up, I’m always looking for a better way to stick it to the man.

Hybrid technology is great. All electric is greater. Necessity breeds invention and major automakers are starting to finally pave the way toward saving us from our reliance on traditional fossil fuel technology.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

I was tired yesterday so I didn’t get around to posting yesterdays post. Better late than never I guess. One of my favorite shows while growing up was The A-Team.

My good friend and former college roommate Gravity had a run in with Mr. T at the airport during winter break one year. Gravity approached him (we were always approaching someone for a good story) and Mr. T called him a fool or something. It wasn’t much of a story but Gravity will always be the Mr. T honorable fool I guess.

One of my favorite Mr. T quotes – When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn’t afford to pay attention.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

For you Terminator fans, guess who’s back? Yep, the tall red eyed shiny guy.

I didn’t realize it but I’m a chick magnet. Well, at least my Prius is. Honey, if you are reading this, I promise not to wash my car for a week.

My War on Gas

$3.73/gallon is what I paid Shell yesterday. Analysts expect them to pocket a cool $5 billion.

And they should.

It stands to reason that if I have to pay more, they should make more. I have no problem with that logic. I’m a capitalist and believe in the free market. Infact, I could care less if they make $5 billion, $10 billion, (insert monetary value here). I’ve never really cared how much someone or some other company makes. More power to ’em.

What pisses me off is that I have to pay $3.73 for gas. Talk about inflation! Over the past two years, gas has went up some 60%. How many of you got a 60% pay raise in the past two years? MORE>>