Burn It

How many of you are home video nuts? Perhaps you have a few AVI, Mpeg4, or maybe some MKV video files sitting around on your computer that you would like to burn to a DVD so you can watch them on your TV.

If that’s the case, this article is for you.

There is a great little program out there called DVD Flick that is a FREE program that allows you to encode the desired video file into a DVD format file. Once DVD Flick encodes the files, it then will proceed to burn it to a DVD.


Freeware Updates

Added the following to the Freeware page:

AxCrypt – Encrypts and password protects individual folders and files. I’ve tried several programs and this one is very user friendly and works well.

MediaCoder – Converts and encodes almost every kind of media file known. This particular program has somewhat of a steep learning curve but is very powerful once mastered. This program will also convert to ipod format although Videora is more straight forward and user friendly.

ImgBurn – Lightweight burner program that works awesome. I replaced Nero with this nice little program.

DVD Flick – This is a nice tool for creating dvd video that will play in dvd players to watch on TV. The previously mentioned ImgBurn is great for simple burning but does little to help you create a watchable dvd unless you are ripping from a dvd movie for instance. DVD Flick will take almost any video format (mpeg, mpg, wma, avi, etc) and convert it into the necessary VOB, BUP, and IFO files that your home dvd player wants to see. The only thing that annoys me and this is typical of all video burning and encoding is IT TAKES FOREVER!!