A Time To Decorate

Last week found g and his family of g-lits making our yearly trip to the tree farm to harvest this years Christmas tree. As usual, much fun was had, Santa was visited, and hot chocolate was consumed.

Once we got the tree home, we set it up and also as usual, i was annoyed at not getting the tree “just right” according to SWMBO. After several attempts at making the tree plumb, I finally got the official nod that all was just right. Now it was the kids turn to take over and place the various trinkets and lighting on the branches of the tree.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t stop there. I decided my blog needed some decorations during the holiday. WordPress has something for every occasion.

On the news front, today is newsworthy because the first ever “face transplant” occured in Cleveland of all places (go tribe).

If you are looking for a good place to get hot off the press information, MUO has 21 of them for you to consider.

In case you haven’t been checking in on Lifehacker (I can’t go a day without checking Lifehacker) then you might have missed the 5 most important online deal website post.


World Record Accomplished

Today finally came.  Not without a lot of fanfare and trying moments.  I spent most of the day on the road visiting job sites but couldn’t wait to get back to be part of the group to help break the world guiness book of records for downloading software in a 24 hour period.

Today it happened (and then some). The last count for downloads of Firefox 3 at 8:48 PDT is 3,011,739. This all started at 11:16am this morning and will continue until 11:16am tomorrow. The original goal was to break a million downloads. I’d say they had a pretty HUGE turnout.

And why shouldn’t they. Firefox 3 is one of the safest (if not the safest) web browsers out there. Other than me, no one microsoft tries to shove it down your throat. If you have any misgivings about downloading Firefox, put them aside. I had similar misgivings when I made the move from I.E to Firefox. Since I did it, I haven’t looked back. Firefox is actually fun to use with all of it’s browser add-ons you can install.

It’s RSS day

I knew blogging was going to start impacting my time. Now the challenge isn’t really blogging at all. It’s keeping up with everyone else’s blog. Since I’m somewhat of a gadget and software junkie, I need to read all those blogs.

Then there’s the local area bloggers (LOB’s). If I miss a post from Guy’s blog, I’m always left with the feeling I’m missing something terribly important. My next stop usually includes NCO, which of course links to more blogs, which of course I have to read. I guess you could say NCO is kind of a blogging hub for me. Thanks Tryan, I’ll blame all of this time escape on you.