My Vacation to Mars….

Has been canceled. According to the scientists who know, it rains there. Or rather, it drizzled there some time ago.

As some of you know, I officially hate politics and everything to do with them. I promise to make this brief but John McCain, who I would have voted for had I not given up politics, joined the eco friendly fray by PROMISING to write a check for $300 big ones for the first one “who can develop an automobile battery that far surpasses existing technology”. I personally am holding out for more before I commit.

Not to be outdone by a fellow Republican, Mr. “Contract with America” Newt Gingrich battles McCain by saving us all from high gas prices. If only he would throw in $300 big ones.

And finally, tonights excellent online free storage tip begins at Humyo. They are offering (free of charge) 30 big ones (GB) of online free storage space. Check it out [via Lifehacker]


Ice, Ice, Baby!

Thank goodness I read Gizmodo every day. They are truly my link to the outside, and I mean OUTSIDE world. According to the scoops at Gizmodo, ice has been found on Mars. I don’t want to steal any of their thunder so make sure to check out the story.

You may be one of those who is not enamored by LNG, but you gotta love CNG. Fill ‘er up! [via INHABITAT]

Also from the fine folks at Inhabitat, I think I finally found my next hybrid dump truck. When biggest is best, this is the king of all hybrids.

It seems the inventor of the internet and self proclaimed save us all from certain global warmth is not exactly practicing what he is preaching. Yep, Al “Internet” Gore’s personal energy consumption is up a whopping 10%. The girth of his carbon footprint is expanding. His lack of focus on the next version of Internet Explorer is not helping Microsoft at all.

That will be it for the next few days. I’m headed to Bend for a little rest and relaxation on a company retreat


It’s a big day today for us space cadets. I’m one of those guys that has downloaded pretty much every program known to man for the past ten years that help me understand the area beyond the mesosphere.

Also known as space.

Today at about 5pm PST, the Phoenix will land on Mars.

If I had enough money, I’d blow it all on being able to go up in the space shuttle. There were no human takers on today’s NASA mission to Mars. They asked me. I would have said yes but they couldn’t guarantee to be able to supply enough Tang to last the entire mission.

So, if you are hanging at home today like your’s truly, you will be able to watch the landing on CNN (web or television).

I also encourage you to check out the NASA website. It’s a very cool website with lots of interactive stuff to do, videos, podcasts, etc. You can watch the landing event on their website as well. If you have satellite tv, the NASA channel will be hosting the landing as well.

The cool folks at Gizmodo have a good post with more information on the landing. Check it out if you have time.