Media Monkey

In the world of web based music media players, there are many to choose from.  I know many of you are quite content with the pre-packaged media players that come with the Microsoft operating system.  However, if you want to listen to other file types such as OGG or FLAC, or, say you want to sync your iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 players, Microsoft can be a real bummer.

Enter my favorite music media player – Media Monkey.


Free Rip

I have a vast collection of music on CD. I remember buying my first CD in about 1989. 20 years later, I have hundreds of cd’s.

For the past couple of years, I have been backing up my cd music collection to FLAC lossless audio which basically copies the music without any discernible loss in quality.

FreeRip is a great cd file ripper that will copy a cd in not only FLAC, but OGG, Wave, WMA, and of course Mp3.

Like I said, I prefer to rip all of my music to FLAC because most of my listening is on my computer and home stereo systems, both of which support the FLAC audio format. If you prefer to listen to your music mostly on, say, an IPOD, you will need your music files in the Mp3 format. I also listen to music on my IPOD and have a mirror of my FLAC files in Mp3.

FreeRip will not only rip music files from a cd but will also convert the files back and forth to and from the various audio formats I mentioned above.

Although I prefer another program for tag editing, FreeRip also has a built in tag editor.

FreeRip is available as a FREE download. The user interface is simple and intuitive which means you can be ripping your cd’s in no time.

Prepare for The Cloud

My Mp3 music collection is fairly large. Over the years, I have been replacing all of my LP’s, 8-tracks, Cassettes, and CD’s with digital Mp3 which hangs out on my hard drive.

I would say about 80 percent of my music is tagged wrong so being the anal retentive geek that I am, I want all of my music to be tagged a certain way. For instance, I like all of my music to look like this:

David Gilmour – On An Island – 02 – On An Island.mp3
Artist – Album – Track# – Title

Before I re-tagged David Gilmour, it looked like this:

02 – David Gilmour On An Island .mp3
Track# – Artist – Title