Truth or Consequences

Our recently elected Attorney General is in over his head.

He speaks from two sides of his mouth. From one side, he speaks of “transparency” in government. From the other, he holds the truth for ransom.

Our good friends over yonder at North Coast Oregon (NCO) have done a great job in uncovering what may lead to a few people breaking the law that he has sworn to uphold. NCO has done a public information request (PIR) for records for a public employee’s email and correspondence. What they were told by our Attorney General who claims to be the second coming of Open Government Transparency (OGT) is that’s gonna cost you at least $548. MORE>>


It’s RSS day

I knew blogging was going to start impacting my time. Now the challenge isn’t really blogging at all. It’s keeping up with everyone else’s blog. Since I’m somewhat of a gadget and software junkie, I need to read all those blogs.

Then there’s the local area bloggers (LOB’s). If I miss a post from Guy’s blog, I’m always left with the feeling I’m missing something terribly important. My next stop usually includes NCO, which of course links to more blogs, which of course I have to read. I guess you could say NCO is kind of a blogging hub for me. Thanks Tryan, I’ll blame all of this time escape on you.