Come As You Are

Anyone that knows Nirvana knows the hit single “Come As You Are” from the critically acclaimed “Nevermind” album. It’s a dark intense voyage meant to unstablalize your senses.

The baby who graced the cover, also known as Spencer Elden, is 17 years old now. They grow up so fast.

On the I want everything wireless front, overshadowing the i-phone assault, are several leading audio/video companies who have agreed on a summit to determine one format for all to abide by. Very smart.

From Freeware Genius is an excellent little program called USB eject. The program has nift because while your cruz drive is plugged in, you run the program to shut down your drive. Very cool and it’s FREE


The Day The Music Lived – 1990’s

The 1990’s presented a music shift in rock n roll. In my lifetime, the music of the 90’s was the most inspirational. Music in the 90’s was fun and fresh. The day music changed was (in my opinion) on September 1st with the release of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Nirvana was the death nail for hair bands and 80’s pop rock. Like I said, fresh. The 90’s introduced some great new talents. Rock music was now forever changed and sent us in search of the nearest mosh pit.

Let’s now revisit The Day the Music Lived – 1990’s