Prepare for The Cloud

My Mp3 music collection is fairly large. Over the years, I have been replacing all of my LP’s, 8-tracks, Cassettes, and CD’s with digital Mp3 which hangs out on my hard drive.

I would say about 80 percent of my music is tagged wrong so being the anal retentive geek that I am, I want all of my music to be tagged a certain way. For instance, I like all of my music to look like this:

David Gilmour – On An Island – 02 – On An Island.mp3
Artist – Album – Track# – Title

Before I re-tagged David Gilmour, it looked like this:

02 – David Gilmour On An Island .mp3
Track# – Artist – Title


Favorite Software

In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding my Favorite Software. So pop in once in a while to check out my favorite software links. The first favorite is in the “more” section of this post.

I’ve been a computer geek for a long time. If you are a blogger, chances are, you are a geek too. I remember my first computer experience as if it was yesterday.

To my knowledge, back in the day, Clatsop Community College was the only outfit in town with a main frame. Pardon me if I don’t get my terminology right.

A childhood chum of mines mother worked at ccc. One day (around 5th grade) we headed to ccc to play with the computers. The type of computer ran these punch cards to do your programming with (I think).

I wouldn’t really see or work on computers again until my senior year of highschool. MORE>>