The Fonz is Back

The FonzThe Fonz is back and he’s cooler than ever.  According to the folks at Autoblog Green, an older and wiser Fonz is strutting his stuff in the UK in a Lexus hybrid teaching reading to the children.  What’s NOT cool about that?

Over at Gizmodo, they have a story about the Feds trying to hold up solar implementation. Write your congressman and tell him/her what you think about such nonsense. Surely with all the federal employees, they can find someone to handle this.

It’s officially official now. Mozilla Firefox 3 is a guiness book of world record for downloads in a 24hr period.

Look at the big brain on Toyota. If you can believe this, Toyota sez if you drive less, you will save gas. What a novel concept. Ya know, if Toyota would focus on their PROFITABLE line of business and make a few more Priuses, their sales wouldn’t be down. Leave the thinking to me. I’m a blogger, and that is what I’m paid to do.

And last on my list today is the FOTD (Freeware Of The Day) – GPU-Z
This is a program for you geeky types who want the lowdown and all the information that can be had for your video card and GPU. Give it a try and tell the world you are a geek. It’s about a simple a program as their is.


The Noisy Hybrid

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Goes without saying, right? Yeah. Right.

There is a fight going on in the world of hybrids in that hybrids are too quiet. I can understand this argument. When I used to partake in Harley riding, the first thing I did was install the loudest exhaust made (Thunderheaders). I got a lot of dirty looks for being loud, but I didn’t get killed by a cage.

I thought the obvious fix for a quiet hybrid would be to install loud exhaust pipes. Wouldn’t work. You see, like my Prius, the electric hybrid gas part of the motor turns off when you are idling or going very slow. As you pick up speed, the gas motor kicks in and you get NOISE.

Over at Autoblog Green, they have come up with a novel concept to create noise. If only everything in life could be so simple.

TV’s keep getting bigger. Sharp has just introduced a 108″ LCD TV for a whopping $185,000. If I did the math correct, that’s a mere $1713 per diagonal inch. I figure I can buy one or continue to live in my house. I’m still thinking about it.

You want a Chevy Volt by 2010? Sorry. It seems GM is having the same problem the Prius is experiencing now. Too many buyers and not enough cars. I want a Volt. Plug it in!

Are you a Big Lebowski fan? I thought so. Well, you too can now own “The Dude” and his partners in crime ala action figure. I wonder if they make Kramer from Seinfeld?

And finally, I haven’t had much time to demo free software in awhile (other than the most excellent Firefox 3). I recently tried out a very cool tool that is a Firefox add-on called CookiePie. I monitor several gmail web email accounts and have found this tool the best yet. If you have Firefox 3, well of course you have it, don’t you?, this will serve you well.

This is NOT an i-phone Blog

I absolutely positively was not going to post tonight. Then I visited Lifehacker and decided I had to link to the coolest reason to get an I-Phone.

Coming soon to an I-Phone near you is Location Awareness. Location Awareness is not a good buzz word and the good folks who brought you OS-X need to coin this phrase soon before someone else does. Check out the article. Wayyyyy Cool. Now I just need to get an iphone.

Some pretty cool happenings from the Renewable Energy department:

We’re fortunate here in America to be able to go to the bathroom inside. In India and many other 3rd world countries, they aren’t as fortunate. Not to mention the poverty of these nations. Indian company Sintex hopes to help in both those departments. According to this article, Sintex has invented or better yet, improved an age old composting idea with making it affordable to compost human waste and turn it into methane. Then what? You guessed it, heat your home, cook your meals. [VIA THE GREEN ENERGY BLOG]

Irv really cares. Remember that commercial? Irv was a car salesman when I was younger. Anyway, this particular IRV has a great article on why gas is over $4/gallon and why Prius sales are down a whopping 40%!!! I checked Craigslist today to see how much used Prius’ are going for. Holy Cow! I could actually sell mine for a profit.

And finally, don’t throw out those perfectly good plastic eating utensils after you barbeque. Make light fixtures with them and help save the planet.

Make Mine Hybrid

I drive a Prius and I love it. Earlier this week, I found out I’m riding around in a chick magnet. With fuel prices going up and up and up, I’m always looking for a better way to stick it to the man.

Hybrid technology is great. All electric is greater. Necessity breeds invention and major automakers are starting to finally pave the way toward saving us from our reliance on traditional fossil fuel technology.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

I was tired yesterday so I didn’t get around to posting yesterdays post. Better late than never I guess. One of my favorite shows while growing up was The A-Team.

My good friend and former college roommate Gravity had a run in with Mr. T at the airport during winter break one year. Gravity approached him (we were always approaching someone for a good story) and Mr. T called him a fool or something. It wasn’t much of a story but Gravity will always be the Mr. T honorable fool I guess.

One of my favorite Mr. T quotes – When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn’t afford to pay attention.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

For you Terminator fans, guess who’s back? Yep, the tall red eyed shiny guy.

I didn’t realize it but I’m a chick magnet. Well, at least my Prius is. Honey, if you are reading this, I promise not to wash my car for a week.