What’s Up?

Sorry for being absent. In an early post, I spoke of being on a journey. I promise I’ve been a busy boy. You could say I’ve hit my stride and am moving along at a fairly rapid pace. This is good. My episode with vertigo is slowly vanishing and that is a good thing.

About a year and a half ago, I mutually parted ways with my previous employer. Perhaps a difference in philosophy, maybe for other reasons. Regardless, we parted on good terms. When one door closes, it is inevitable another will open up. MORE>>


On A Journey

Unfortunately for me, I will be blogging less in the following months.

When I wished I was the busiest construction project manager in the northern hemisphere, I was unaware that the wish would come true.

Today I concede that I’m too busy. I’m not complaining, I’ve just never been this busy before. In the past month, I’ve bid on and was successful at getting two new projects.

The first, that is now under way, is a $3m LEED Silver 15,000 square foot fire station.

The second (which broke ground yesterday) is a $3m, 20,000 square foot 8 screen cinema. This is my 3rd cinema underway or completed in a year. I enjoy building cinemas!

I will spend the next month getting these projects off the ground which means a lot of meetings, paperwork and more meetings! Starting two projects of this size at the same time is a daunting task. So far, I’m keeping up with it. I have a great assistant whom I couldn’t do this without.

Please check in from time to time as I hope to blog on the weekends when I can.

Moving Right Along…

Being dead was so yesterday. Well, actually, a couple of days ago. For those who didn’t get it (the dead post), I was a port commissioner for 13 years when I’d finally had enough and resigned. Long story short, I built a building on port property that a few people had a problem with and found our local paper would quote anything bad they would say about me or the building. I canceled the local paper about 2 months ago (thanks for the advice RS) and I still hear reports of my name surfacing and the same people being quoted. I really do take it with a grain of salt and sorry critics, but you won’t break me. You will never break me. You may win a few battles in your sick little worlds, but I OWN THE BIG PICTURE. I own it. I was going to quote Ezekiel before my guns start blazing but it has already been done.

Moving right along, as a construction geek (actually I’m a project manager), I’m always looking for better ways to make your life better through building. Demolition has always been a favorite part of the construction process for me.