Centurylink Internet Review

I’ll make this review very short. Three words – CENTURYLINK INTERNET SUCKS.

If you are considering their service, find someone else UNLESS you are in my predicament of them being the last tree and the world is flooded with piss.

I have called the Better Business Bureau, Oregon Public Utility Commission (they were actually very helpful but unfortunately do not have authority to act) and have talked to Centurylink support until I’m blue in the face. Nothing. Nada. They simply do not care that my internet that I pay for (which is already a lame 1.5m down), usually functions at about .05m down. Dialup was faster.

Their excuse? Bandwidth exhaust (since August I might add). Now they claim they need a part that costs $250k to get me the speed I am paying for. Turns out they ran out of room and need to upgrade to provide enough capacity.

They finally quit taking new customers in my area about two months ago. Laughable. So many people in my area complained that they finally quit selling. What kind of moron sells capacity they don’t have just to turn a buck. Answer = Centurylink Internet.

I wish I had the CEO of the company’s phone number so I could call him every time my internet sucks. Answer = it would be every day about 6pm.

Oh and thanks for the $10 credit on my account. In the world of Centurylink Internet, this makes up for not being able to provide reliable service. I would pay 10 times this amount for my internet to work. Centurylink Internet = 1st class douchebags. Greedy douchebags. Unbeleivable. Yeah, I’m a little upset.