Solar Sunday

As of late, breaking into new efficiency territory has become commonplace.

And it just keeps happening.  This time it’s the cost that is getting more efficient.

The big O is on my good list this week.  Well, as far as renewable energy is concerned.  The big O has signed some most excellent tax breaks for renewable energy (solar included).


Solar Sunday

All I can say is WOW!  The wall of solar.  Very architectural.

I am encouraged by this invention.  Just like turning straw into gold.

I really like this one.  Being someone who drives MOSTLY, and a lot of time driving at night, those rainy dark mornings and nights would be much less dangerous with this idea.

A little closer to home is the solar car which recently made an appearance in close by Longview Washington.

Move over Larry Flynt, Big 3 Auto Co’s, and of course the banks.  With O soon to take the helm of the worlds strongest nation, his ambitious pursuit of renewable energy already needs a bailout.  As energy has taken a hit financially, renewable energy has also taken a hit.

Solar Sunday

As of late, there has been a lot going on in the solar energy world which has prompted me to collect the solar news as I come across it. Throughout the week, I’ll collect the news and post it on SOLAR SUNDAY!

These may take awhile to catch on in the fashion world. Well, at least until oil goes up again and all renewables are in trend again. Yes friends, it’s solar powered sunglasses to charge your gadgets.

I spied a story last week that spoke of a rumor of a rumor that Toyota is going to build the first solar powered car. As it turns out, they are in denial.

I’ve been following the solar lawnmower bit for about a year now. Can’t remember where I saw it but there was a tutorial on how to build a solar powered lawnmower (DIY) that I was considering. Guess I don’t have to now. Husqvarna has beat me to the punch.

For all of us who really want a solar pv system, it is coming closer to reality price wise. This system says they can provide a fully functional pv system for about $10k after rebates.

First they build the biggest dam. Now they lay claim to the largest solar plant in the world. Well, we still lay claim to the most wind farms.