The Day The Music Lived – 2000’s

Safe to say, I made it through the 90’s. Considering the extreme partying I engaged in, I feel fortunate to be alive typing this today.

The 2000’s ushered in a more tranquil atmosphere of rock and roll due to the evolution of my age. While I tried to remain entrenched in my youth, the civilized side of me took control and my musical instinct gave way.

To me, the 2000’s music groups all seemed to sound the same. There was a creative vortex or black hole if you will. Finding new music groups to listen to was a chore for me. They just seemed few and far between.

This decade has not really brought anything earth shattering in terms of changing music style. In the eight years of this millennium, we don’t have the peace and love of the 60’s, the great rock bands of the 70’s, the hair bands of the 80’s, or grunge of the 90’s. Like I said, there is a creative void. In a nutshell, the music of the 2000’s has been insignificant and will more than likely give way to something and hopefully soon.

My Album of the Decade is On An Island by David Gilmour

Let’s now revisit The Day the Music Lived – 2000’s


Obscure Video Day

Since I’m hanging out at the house today with the kids, mom told us to get the house cleaned up while she is working so I have the kids working on cleaning the house. It’s quite the ordeal. My eight year old is doing most of the work as my two year old messes things up right after they’re clean. To say the least, there is a lot of yelling from my eight year old.

Today’s pretty layed back so I thought I’d post some of my favorite obscure videos.

The Day The Music Lived – 1990’s

The 1990’s presented a music shift in rock n roll. In my lifetime, the music of the 90’s was the most inspirational. Music in the 90’s was fun and fresh. The day music changed was (in my opinion) on September 1st with the release of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Nirvana was the death nail for hair bands and 80’s pop rock. Like I said, fresh. The 90’s introduced some great new talents. Rock music was now forever changed and sent us in search of the nearest mosh pit.

Let’s now revisit The Day the Music Lived – 1990’s